Solving West Africa's Waste Management Challenges

We help clients in the public and private sectors create cost-effective, scalable, decentralized solutions that tackle the
most critical, immediate, and long-term waste management, conversion of waste to electricity and related landuse planning needs.

Our Core Team

Atlantic Waste Management Group Team

Get to know our staff of passionate, dedicated, and experienced industry experts. Atlantic Waste Management Group, LLC (AWG) was founded in 2020 as a Partnership between Vikek Environmental Engineers LLC (a solid waste management company) and Amkona Group, LLC (a land use and development company. We are focused on Environmental and Waste Management consultancy.

How We Are Different

AWG Approach
We clean up cities quickly and effectively, create employment opportunities, and convert waste to energy!

AWG Creates Solutions

AWG Creates Solutions
We develop and implement comprehensive solutions to West Africa’s waste problems, with an initial focus on Nigeria

Selected Project Examples

Bow Lake Recycling and Transfer Station, Tukwila, WA, USA

Our key personnel directed this project consisting of sustainability master facility planning, design, and delivery of the $84 million 24-hour recycling /transfer station development while saving over $4 million in planned costs. This is the largest Recycling /Transfer facility owned by King County constructed using alternative (Washington State RCW 36.58.090 competitive negotiation) contracting methods and won the Platinum LEED Award for excellence in Sustainable construction.​​

Landfill Gas-to-Energy Conversion Facility

Our key personnel directed this multi-subproject initiative involving; acquisition of requisite permits for the first Landfill Gas – to – Energy (LFGTE) conversion facility developed via a public – private sector project development agreement, landfill gas (LFG) remediation and migration control, LFGTE facility design and construction, air quality permitting and compliance, greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions, operations memorandum of agreement, LFG transmission system, LFG modeling, and the facility commissioning at the 940-acre Cedar Hills Regional Landfill.

Cedar Hills Regional Landfill Area 5 Development and Operations, Maple Valley, WA USA

Our key personnel planned and managed the procurement, permit acquisition, design, construction, and commissioning of the over $ 85 million 30 – acre Area 5 landfill cell expansion. Led the construction management team that oversaw the development of this first subtitle D landfill cell in Washington State. Received recognition from the Washington State Department of Ecology for Excellence in Construction Management. Planned and managed new LFG extraction wells, groundwater monitoring wells, landfill fill plans, and related operations and maintenance manuals. Developed equivalency analysis, permitted application, and acquired permits that enabled the first use of alternative daily cover at the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill in Washington State, which enabled the extension of landfill life. Other tasks included; waste mining, wetlands considerations, airspace calculations, alternate liner configuration and stability, leachate management systems.

*50% of waste generated annually
from sub-Saharan Africa is from Nigeria

60% of waste is collected and
taken to unmanaged waste dumps

40% of the population have access to sustainability electricity | 55 years is the life expectancy at birth [2013]

Key Partners

A Canada-based environmental technology company focused on developing customized waste management and treatment solutions, including Waste-to-Energy, Waste-to-Product, Waste-to-Fuel, and recycling facilities.

A USA–based solid waste consulting firm founded in 1970 with global experience. SCS is a fully integrated solid waste firm providing engineering, consulting, operations and maintenance, construction, and energy services with experience at hundreds of landfill facilities across the USA. SCS has been annually ranked number 1 or 2 in Solid Waste Engineering in Engineering News Record and is among a very small selection of highly specialized firms that can say “we are a solid waste company.”